Nobody Knows


  • Explain what is happening in this picture. Now try to think of an alternative explanation – what else could be happening? Is everything as it seems?
  • Is the tree being picked up or lowered? How do you know?
  • Why this tree? Is it special? Is it the only one?
  • Who – or what – is inside the spaceship? Where did it come from?
  • Are there any witnesses? What would you think/wonder/say/do if you saw this?
  • Writing task: Choose to…
    • Write from the perspective of the tree;
    • Write from the perspective of a being on the spaceship;
    • Write from the perspective of a witness;
    • Write a narrative¬†including this event as a flashback;
    • Write a newspaper report about this incident;
    • Write a shape poem;
    • Write ‘An Extraterrestrial¬†Guide to Collecting and Sampling Life Forms’.
  • Create several images showing the sequence of events (including before and after this picture) using black paper and white chalk. You could use these as a storyboard for your writing.

Credit: Jungho Lee

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