Rainy Day


  • Describe this scene. Can you use onomatopoeia?
  • What is the duck doing?
  • Why is it sheltering beneath the tree root? Ducks spend most of their time in water, so why doesn’t this one like rain?
  • What is it thinking?
  • Are there any other ducks around?
  • Does the weather reflect the duck’s mood?
  • Why are the water and the sky the same colour?
  • What does Pascal Campion want you to feel when you look at this image?
  • Why did he position the duck on the right hand side and leave so much space for the rain and water?

Credit: Pascal Campion

  • Sienna
    Posted at 21:22h, 24 January Reply

    “Summer where going to the park with your cousins Holly and Halley in 15 minutes”.Summer rose out of her bed and shouted for her dog Maisie.Holy and Halley were Summer’s cousins they are identical twins.As Maisie jumped onto Summer’s floral bed.Summer steered into her emerald green eyes as she stroked her golden soft furr.Just then Summer heard the door open she ran down the stairs to see her cousins.”Right then who’s ready to go to the park”.Altogether they shouted mee.They all walked out of the door excitedly ready to go.The park was only around the corner so they didn’t have to walk much.There in the corner of her eye was the park.But before they could go any further rain fell fastly to the concrete ground.”Noooo”they shouted altogether.They all turned around pulling funny faces.As they walked into the freezing cold house they all thought of what they could do instead.They did not have a thing in mind.

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