A Place to Call Home


  • Describe this setting. Try to include all of the details that someone else might miss!
  • Who lives here? Draw the character(s).
  • Why do you think this person lives here? What makes this house suitable for them?
  • Think of a character who definitely┬áwouldn’t live here. Why wouldn’t they?
  • What kind of story could this setting belong in?
  • Would it be good at the beginning of a story?
  • Writing opportunity: Persuasion
    Write a property listing for this house. Imagine you are an estate agent and your job is to sell it – you must make it sound like the perfect home! Exaggeration is allowed, but it must still be true to the original building.


Credit: Petur Antonsson

  • Johnny
    Posted at 01:49h, 21 September Reply

    My friends and I are writing a book about this image ­čÖé

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