Red Riding Hood


  • Share the image without showing the title. What story is this picture showing? Which part of the story? Is this the story as you know it? Is there anything surprising?
  • Why is Red Riding Hood’s cloak so long? Why isn’t it dragging on the floor? What does this suggest?
  • What is she looking at?
  • Is the wolf real or is she imagining it?
  • How does she feel seeing it?
  • Show her facial expression at this moment. Now describe it.
  • What is the mood of this picture? How did Glenn Kim achieve this?
  • Use this image to build character, creature or setting descriptions.
  • What is Red Riding Hood¬†going to do next? (List her options; phone a friend for advice; write a could/should list.)
  • Use this image alongside the short film ‘Chaperon Rouge‘ – find the film and teaching ideas on

Credit: Glenn Kim
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