Three Pigs

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 20.23.53

  • Vocabulary warm up – Choose 3 words/phrases that best describe the pigs, and 3 to describe the wolf. Do they have any in common? Are there any antonyms? [Further work on wolves can be found on this image: Wolf.]
  • Where are the pigs going? Where have they come from?
  • Do they know that the wolf is behind them?
  • Why is the wolf so big?
  • Does the wolf look good or bad? Why?
  • At what point in the story of the Three Little Pigs is this?
  • Tell this story from the wolf’s perspective. Twist the story if you can. Perhaps the wolf only wants a friend?
  • Compare the wolf in this image with these: Red Riding HoodWolf Von Big Baden and A Haunted Wolf. Order the wolves on a good-bad scale. Explain why you have put them in this order.

Credit: Daniela Volpari

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