Fallen Aircraft

Fallen Aircraft, from 'The Great War'

  • What has happened here?
  • Who is the person on the ground?
  • Where do you think this is?
  • Why did Jim Kay decide to only use black and white in this image?
  • Imagine you are a pilot and you crash/are shot down somewhere. You manage to escape the wreckage. Your aircraft is destroyed so there is no hope of returning to the skies. You need to¬†explore your surroundings and find shelter and food. What can you see? Where do you go?
  • Try this using a ‘choose your own adventure’ powerpoint: without sound / with sound. This is just a sample and you can either…
    • Go back and choose a different path;
    • Continue the story (written by hand or using the powerpoint – just add more slides and hyperlink the text choices to the new slides. Do this by selecting the text, right click and choose ‘hyperlink’, then link it to the slide number you want to come next);
    • Create your own ‘choose your own adventure’ story in this style.

Credit: Jim Kay
Fallen Aircraft, from ‘The Great War’
Courtesy of Walker Books

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