• What can you see in this picture? Look for the details you think others may miss.
  • Why is the hut on chicken legs? Does it move? Who controls it?
  • Who is the person in the doorway? What are they doing? Do they want to be inside this hut?
  • Why is there a tiger in the foreground? Does it live here? Is it owned by someone or is it wild?
  • Imagine you discover this place on a walk in the woods. How would you feel? What would you do?
  • What kind of story would this setting best fit into?
  • Write a short story based on this picture. Consider the atmosphere you want to create and choose your language and structure carefully.


Credit: Andrew Ferez
Website – not all images suitable for children


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  • Post Malone
    Posted at 00:59h, 07 February Reply


    • Anonymous
      Posted at 00:33h, 03 May Reply

      its really cool i agree Post Malone and why is it called hut of chicken legs

  • alllllllllll
    Posted at 15:44h, 28 February Reply

    very cool

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